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Foley Safety Solutions’ construction safety services aim to cover the requirements of the Irish Construction Safety Regulations (SI291 of 2013).  These Regulations cover the roles and responsibilities of various parties including Clients, Project Supervisors for Construction (PSCS), Project Supervisors for Design Phase and activities (PSDP), Designers and Architects, Main Contractors and even employees.

The regulations outline the duty of the Client to appoint the PSDP and PSCS,  to check their competence prior to appointment and much more.  The regulations also cover the need for the appointed PSDP to develop a Preliminary Safety and Health Plan prior to finalising the tender documents and much more.   The regulations cover the need for the PSCS to develop a Construction Safety and Health Plan based on the preliminary version and to also develop a detailed Safety File for hand over to the client at the end of the project. 

The detail of the regulations requires the appointed parties to have detailed knowledge and experience in compliance with the requirements of SI291 of 2013.

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