Waste Management

Foley Safety Solutions’ management of waste service offers practical solutions to manage your waste effectively, reducing your environmental impact and complying with legal requirements. We help you identify waste streams and their associated risks, develop plans that prioritize waste reduction and recycling, and implement programs that save you money and improve your sustainability performance. Our experts can assist you in developing strategies to reduce waste at the source, maximize reuse and recycling, and safely dispose of any remaining waste streams. We can also help you monitor and report on your waste management performance, ensuring that you remain compliant with legal requirements and industry standards. 

Visit the HSA website for information. View our full list of EHS training course HERE. As well as training services, Foley Safety solutions offer a full range of EHS consultancy service by our expert consultants. To view all our consultancy services please click HERE.

Do you want to minimize your environmental impact and comply with legal requirements with our expert waste management solutions? Contact Foley Safety Solutions at +353 (0)21 206 6006 or email for a confidential discussion. Our experts understand the importance of concise and effective solutions when it comes to management of waste. At Foley Safety Solutions, we strive to provide the highest standard of service for your business. 

Waste Management

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