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Train the Trainer Courses

Foley Safety Solutions offers a customisable Train the Trainer Program that allows your organization to develop in-house trainers. We work with you to design training programs that meet your specific needs, providing training materials and support, and delivering train-the-trainer sessions to ensure that your trainers have the skills and knowledge to provide effective training to your employees. Our Train the Trainer sessions cover various topics, including adult learning principles, communication skills, and presentation skills. By investing in a Train the Trainer session, you can develop a skilled and competent in-house training team, reduce training costs, and improve the quality and effectiveness of your training programs. 

Build a skilled in-house training team and enhance the effectiveness of your training programs with our train the trainer programs. Contact Foley Safety Solutions at +353 (0)21 206 6006 or to learn more. 

Refer to the HSA website for more information on the importance of quality and effectiveness in training in the workplace.


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