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Safety for Industrial Clients

Foley Safety Solutions offers comprehensive safety services to industrial clients that help businesses identify and minimize safety risks in their manufacturing and/or heavy engineering operations.

Our team of experts conduct safety assessments and assists the client in the development of customized safety policies and procedures that comply with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. By prioritizing practical safety solutions, the client can protect their employees from accidents, injuries, and property damage, while also complying with safety regulations and enhancing their business reputation. 

Our safety experts carry out detailed assessments of the current safety management and identify gaps in same with a view to bridging the gaps in collaboration with our clients.  Call us today !

Protect your workers and maintain compliance with our safety services. Contact Foley Safety Solutions at +353 (0)21 206 6006 or email for a confidential discussion about our tailored solutions. For more information please visit the HSA website.

Industrial Safety

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