Food Safety Services

Foley Safety Solutions provides a range of training and consultancy services dedicated to Food Safety within the food manufacture and service sector. Our services cover every aspect of food safety, including the development of HACCP Food Safety Management Systems, auditing, and both certified and customized training tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

We provide food safety auditing, consulting, and training, ensuring a comprehensive approach to safeguarding the integrity and consistency of your brand.

Also, we provide expertise, experience, and unwavering commitment to managing all aspects of safety related to your brand. Our consultancy services protect your brand and ensure compliance with food safety standards. Whether you are a food grower, processor, food service provider, or retailer, 

Food Training Services 

Training is a legal requirement in the food industry.  All employees working in a food environment must receive training that matches their specific work activities and level of involvement.

Food Business Operators carry the responsibility of training and supervising their employees within their food business.

Organisations must meet the requirements of the BRCGS Standard in terms of  food safety training. This is crucial for establishing and operating an effective food quality and safety operation.

Auditors prioritise a strong emphasis on training during their audits.

Additionally, training fosters a food safety culture within an organisation. This is also addressed in the BRCGS Standard.

Foley Safety Solutions assists organisations with all aspects of training through the delivery of customised in-house training, virtual/ online course delivery or inclusion on public training courses. 

Food Consultancy Services 

Every Food Business Operator has a legal obligation to establish, implement, and uphold a food safety management system that follows the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

HACCP systems are designed to identify and control potential hazards, including microbiological, chemical, allergenic, or physical risks that could compromise the safety of food production. At Foley Safety Solutions, we are here to assist you in designing, reviewing, and updating your HACCP plan. Our approach is tailored to your unique products and food manufacturing processes, adhering to the seven fundamental principles of HACCP, and are specifically designed as proportionate to your needs and reflective of the specific risks your food outlet faces.

Food Auditing Services 

Consistency poses a significant challenge in the food industry, and it plays a crucial role in achieving success. Building trust in your brand’s reputation requires adherence to standards.

A well-documented food safety management system provides confirmation that your food operation complies with both food law requirements and the specific standards it is audited against. Implementing a robust audit program can enhance performance and compliance throughout the supply chain.

The internal audit process is a vital component of this system, contributing to continuous improvement and validating the effectiveness of food safety systems.

Foley Safety Solutions assists by independent assessment of your food safety management system, the achievement of certification, addressing of compliance gaps, minimizing business risks, and preparing for third-party audits.

Audit types available include:

  • Internal Auditing BRC, IFS, ISO22000
  • Support & on site presence during certification audits
  • Assistance with audit action close out and root cause analysis
  • Staff mentoring, auditing skills
  • Standard Audit Preparation – Gap Analysis
  • Announced & Unannounced Hygiene / GMP audits
  • Standard Gap Analysis,
  • Supplier Audits

Foley Safety Solution Hygiene Assured Retainer Service

At Foley Safety Solutions, we offer hygiene assured retainer service.

Our comprehensive 4-step process ensures that your business maintains the highest standards of hygiene.

We validate your operations through the following steps:

  • Hygiene Review: We assess your current practices, redesigning services if necessary, and address infection control risks, cleaning processes, and chemicals.
  • Hygiene Training Implementation: We provide staff training on the new disinfection and infection control processes.
  • Hygiene Audit: An independent audit ensures correct implementation of infection prevention measures and necessary controls.
  • Hygiene Certificate: Upon achieving a satisfactory result, your business will be certified for a specific period. Regular re-auditing and micro-testing ensure that standards are consistently upheld. This recognized third-party certification demonstrates to customers that your business’s hygiene standards have been verified.

Our hygiene assured retainer service is popular among hotels, restaurants, cafés, care homes & more.

Choose Foley Safety Solutions for a comprehensive hygiene certification that reassures customers and gives your business a competitive advantage.

Quality Management Systems/ HACCP

The implementation of effective Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) processes is a legal requirement for all food businesses. It is crucial to control food safety hazards and ensure the safety of food intended for human consumption. At Foley Safety Solutions, we are dedicated to collaborating with you to establish a practical, applicable, and user-friendly system that enhances your business operations and strengthens your brand.

If your food business aims to supply retailer own-brand products, compliance with the rigorous BRCGS certification scheme becomes essential. This internationally recognized accreditation is complemented by additional food standards set by many retailers.

Foley Safety Solutions specializes in developing tailored QMS solutions based on the size of your company and the number of processes involved. Our approach provides you with a comprehensive manual that includes practical procedures and records aligned with the specific standards you need to meet.

For more information please visit the HSA website.

Foley Safety solutions ensures your business is up to code and avoids costly violations with our expert food safety solutions. Contact Foley Safety Solutions at +353 (0)21 206 6006 or email to learn more. 

Food Safety Services

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