Dublin, Cork, Ireland – ESG awareness training course taught both virtually and in the classroom

Foley Safety Solutions

We are in collaboration with our partners, Carbon TRACC, who deliver this very popular one day ESG awareness training course.  The course is delivered both virtually or in the classroom. Our clients are based nationally and internationally.  Please contact us at Foley Safety or click on this LINK for more information.

Our engaging course also outlines the processes of carbon foot-printing, carbon projects and carbon verification. This is as required under the internally recognised standard – ISO 14064.  It can also be used as an introduction to our partners longer duration carbon emissions and climate change courses.

Carbon TRACC

Carbon TRACC is a leader in the Carbon and ESG field in the UK and Europe. In addition, they provide extensive carbon emissions consultancy and climate change expertise to our clients.  They can carry out a thorough assessment of your environmental impact. As well as, assisting you in developing practical solutions to comply with regulatory and best practice requirements.

The overall aim of Carbon TRACCs services is to help clients reduce their environmental impact and to achieve sustainable business growth. If you wish to book onto Carbon TRACC’s comprehensive ESG Training course, you can do so through their website or calling Foley Safety Solutions today.  This course drive sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Contact us on +353 (0)21 206 6006 or email info@ehsint.com  

You can discuss your Environmental Management requirements and learn how we can help you with your environmental issues and promote sustainable business practices. 

For more information please review the EPA website.


ESG Awareness Training Course

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