Company Safety Statement Services

Foley Safety Solutions is a leading provider of Company Safety Statement Services in Ireland.  We use an effective and repeatable process to ensure a legally compliant Safety Statement is delivered to our clients each and every time.  We firstly carry out a detailed audit of your location(s) and in tandem with this we complete a detailed questionnaire with each client to measure your current Safety Management System.

All of our Safety Statements are customized for each client and client locations.  The legal minimum requirements of a Safety Statement require 

1. A commitment from the senior management/owner to comply with all applicable safety legislation.

2. A section outlining the company “manner for securing safety”,

3. A section on hazard identification and risk assessment

4. A full section for appendices including Safety records, Org charts, etc, etc.

Our team of experts conduct a thorough analysis of your workplace to identify potential hazards and assess the risks to protect your employees, customers, and stakeholders.

As an additional service we can develop safety policies and procedures that are tailored to your business operations and provide training and support to ensure your employees understand and adhere to them.

Refer to the Irish Health and Safety Authority [] for more details on developing a legally compliant Safety Statement. 

Company Safety Statement Services

Ensure your business has a legally compliant Safety Statement. Contact Mary at Foley Safety Solutions at +353 86 835 6869 or email to discuss our Safety Statements service and learn how we can help you develop and manage your businesses Safety Statement. 

Company Safety Statement Services

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