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Foley Safety Solutions is a leading provider of health and safety consultancy services across most sectors in Ireland today.  Furthermore, we provide a wide range of health and Safety services to numerous clients in Dublin; Cork; Limerick and nationally. The services cover Occupational Safety, Process Safety, Construction and Project Safety, Chemical. As well as Occupational Health, Ergonomics, Legionella and many more sectors.  We also assist companies in setting up accredited safety management systems such as ISO45001 and many more.

Our unique selling point is our use of practical solutions based on the internationally recognised ALARP approach.  We team up with and partner with our clients to actively reduce health and safety risks in their workplaces thereby saving costs in lives, injuries, damage to equipment, raw materials and product.  Our process is very systematic and includes the Gap Analysis approach followed by agreeing a measured improvement plan with our clients to bridge any gaps identified during the gap analysis.

Contact the Irish Health and Safety Authority (HSA) for more guidance on legal requirements of Health and Safety Consultancy services.

Ultimately, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, practicality and tailored solutions for each client. We work with both large and small clients to provide top quality Health and Safety Consultancy services.  Our extensive team of specialists are here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to make your Safety journey more efficient and effective.  Our clients vary from  small start ups to large multi-national corporations.

See Main Consultancy Services Below

Company Safety Statement Services

Safety Statement Services.

Foley Safety Solutions provides a comprehensive Safety Statement service.  Your statement must reflect accurately your own safe work systems and commitment to Safety Compliance.  

Ergonomics Services

Ergonomics & DSE Assessments

Foley Safety Solutions offers an ergonomics service that prioritizes the safety and health of your employees by designing workstations that are safe whether at home of in the office

Emergency Management

Fire & Rescue Stand-by services.

Foley Safety Solutions provides a wide range of emergency management support and fire team stand by services nationally.  These include stand-by fire & rescue teams for shut downs and maintenance activities.  

Safety Management Systems

Safety Management Systems

Foley Safety Solutions is a leader in setting up Safety Management Systems.  We provide tailored solutions in accordance with ISO 45001 that help you ensure legal compliance in your workplace…

ESG Awareness Training Course

Environmental Services.

Foley Safety Solutions assist businesses in understanding and managing the impact of your operations on the environment and on climate in a legally compliant way.  We provide ISO 14064 services and training through partner companies

Train the Trainer Programs

Foley Safety Solutions offers a customizable train-the-trainer program that allows your organization to develop in-house trainers. We work with you…

Food Safety Services

Food & HACCP Safety

Foley Safety Solutions offers a comprehensive food safety service that helps businesses identify potential food safety risks and implement measures to protect their clients and staff 

Occupational Health

Foley Safety Solutions’ occupational health service provides comprehensive services to help clients manage workplace health and safety risks, promoting employee well-being…

Risk Analysis

Hazard ID & Risk Assessment.

Foley Safety Solutions is a leader in the area of hazard identification & risk assessment.  We give you a comprehensive service identifying potential threats and hazards in your workplace….


Risk Management – ISO 31000

Foley Safety Solutions offers a comprehensive and customized risk management solution for your business.  This will assist you in ensuring the safety of your workforce, customers…

Accident Investigation Service

Accident Investigation

Foley Safety is a leading provider of independent accident investigations in Ireland.  The independence of our service guarantees the accuracy of our findings by way of root cause and contributory factors.

Environmental Management Systems

Environmental ISO Management

Foley Safety Solutions provides full ISO 14001 services to our clients.  Our environmental management systems service offers a comprehensive, systematic and structured approach to managing your environmental needs …

Fire Safety Services

Fire Safety Support Services

Foley Safety Solutions offers a full range of fire safety solutions including fire warden training to help businesses manage fire risks and safeguard their employees

first aid services

First Aid Consultancy

Foley Safety Solutions’ first aid service helps you ensure that your employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide first aid in all…

Expert Witness Work

Expert Witness Work

Foley Safety Solutions’ service on expert witness work offers expert opinion and testimony for legal cases related to workplace safety and environmental…

Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety Officer Support

Foley Safety Solutions offers part-time and temporary safety officer secondment services to clients in their industrial operations.  Call us today!

ISO 14001, 31000, 45001 and 9001

Foley Safety Solutions’ ISO certification service helps organizations nationally to achieve ISO 14001, ISO45001, ISO31000 and ISO9001 certification.

Waste Management

Waste Management Support

Foley Safety Solutions’ waste management service offers practical solutions to manage your waste streams effectively, reducing your environmental impact

Workplace Safety Management

Foley Safety Solutions’ workplace safety service aims to help clients manage workplace safety risks and ensure the safety of their employees…

Damage Limitation

Damage Limitation Service

Foley Safety Solutions is unique in its provision of Damage and Risk Limitation services to reduce the impact of events, such as accidents, emergencies, security breaches, and more


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